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Love playing Minecraft Pocket Edition? Must say you’re not a simple gamer; rather you’re an enthusiast with your own imaginary world where you use textured blocks to show your creativity and put together the world of your dreams. To have an all out wonderful experience playing the game, you may need some of the blocklauncher or the latest patches and texture updates. It’s often quite worrisome to find texture updates and new patches that make the gaming experience even better.

However, if you don’t want to consume your time on this and are finding it a little difficult, a simple solution for you is to get the blocklauncher apk for your Android device and start building your dream world without any troubles whatsoever.

What is Blocklauncher?

BlockLauncher is a custom Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) launcher that wraps around Minecraft PE and provides loading of patches, texture packs, and mods. It is an Android application that patches Minecraft PE without reinstallation. BlockLauncher  allows you to use mods in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition also. It has gone slightly obsolete since the addition of addons to MCPE.

The blocklauncher app allows Minecraft players to easily and quickly manage quite a few different background aspects of the game. With this custom launcher, you can load different patches, mods and texture packs.

How Blocklauncher Works?

As mentioned earlier, Blocklauncher is the custom launcher for Minecraft PE that wraps it around and offers loading of the patches, texture packs and the server IPs.

Blocklauncher for minecraft

All you have to do is to select Options from main screen and then choose mods. That’s it, you’re good to go. The app loads the from the Minecraft PE copy that’s currently been installed as it will ensure that there are no compatibility issues with mod patching in QuickPatch and PocketTool.

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However, there are some known issues that exist as well. These include:

  • Jelly Bean users can’t use the original textures – they’ll be provided with standard demo texture pack
  • Hidden camera item can’t be used as well

Block Launcher Apk Download

Blocklauncher Apk Download

Version1.19 (Latest)
Size35 MB
RequiresAndroid 2.3 or up


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How To Get MCPE Mods With Blocklauncher Apk?

So, you’re looking for some free, fun and easy to install mods for the Minecraft Pocket Edition and don’t know exactly where you need to start? Don’t worry, here we have a step by step guide for you to find out how you can get your favorite mods with blocklauncher apk.

Firstly, it’s for Android and Kindle and the process may not work on the iOS. So, you have to keep that in mind. The simple reason behind this is that the app is available for a few devices only. Now, if you are ready to begin, here are the steps that you will need to follow.

  • Download the blocklauncher app to start with. You can get it from here, above is download button to download the apk.
  • Get Kindle Fire File Explorer. Yes, you guessed it right! This is for Kindle users and can be a reliable option to open and explore files.
  • Now, it’s time to download the Mods. For instance, you can download Desnoguns mod which is known to bring lots of weaponry into the game and works best for the combat mode.
  • Almost all the guns that you get with this mod are instant-kill and can help you deal with those passive mobs. So, you can use them to your advantage and have fun playing the game.
  • Once you have downloaded your desired Mods, it’s time to move them. Just go to the file manager that you had downloaded earlier and use it to find your downloaded mods.
  • You can find them in Downloads folder and once they are located you need to unzip them. Now, move the unzipped files to games folder.

Mods of Blocklauncher

You can also find the mods with the blocklauncher app as well. It’s a lot simpler than the method described above. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Tap on wrench
  • Tap on manage mcpe mod scripts icon
  • Tap on local storage
  • Tap on ‘Import’ icon
  • Tap on folder where you put the file
  • Tap on “mod” folder

Remember that the mod must appear in the folder labeled manage mcpe mod scripts. Ensure that the text of the mod is bold because that means it’s enabled. Or, you can long press it and then tap on enable to turn the mod on.

Some Cool Blocklauncher Mods That You Must Try

Yes, there are quite a few useful blocklauncher mods that you must give a try. Some of them are listed here for your reference:

  1. BlockDataParser Mod: The mod is quite useful when it comes to building different maps. It allows you to clone chests as well as command blocks along with their containing blocks, items or commands. The mod is just perfect for you if you often have to rewrite commands or other similar tasks.
  2. Custom Flat Worlds: The mod allows you to do a bit of customization on layers for the flat worlds. For instance, it is possible for you to create worlds made completely out of diamonds. Similarly, you can create infinite worlds that are made of water. The mod turns out to be quite useful if you are planning to create a whole new map or need to spawn in some particular terrain.
  3. Structure Block Mod: This mod can help you in copying the structures you have made in your own world and pasting these structures somewhere else. This particular block is relatively new and already exists in the MCPE but you can’t officially obtain it yet. But if you install this mod, the block will be accessible to you and you can be able to use it in the game.
  4. Toolbox Mod: As far as blocklauncher apk is concerned, Toolbox remains to be the ultimate solution to access all sorts of items and blocks quickly as well as changing game settings. With its latest update, you’re provided with optional launcher which you can then use for loading texture packs, armor status, X-ray and many other features for MCPE.

So, if you have always enjoyed playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on your Android device, Blocklauncher will make things a lot easier for you to take it up a notch. You’ll surely love the new experience.

What Does Blocklauncher Pro Do?

Well, blocklauncher pro is just another app that you install on your Android device parallel to the original Minecraft pocket edition video game. Even though you can play the original game by launching it from the default icon on your device’s home screen, you can get to enjoy added functionality if you use blocklauncher to launch the game.

As mentioned earlier, with blocklauncher, you can access different game mods that have been individually developed by the game developers to alter the gameplay in one way or another. You just have to download the mods, import them and start playing them with the blocklauncher pro app.

Blocklauncher For Minecraft – How To Use It For Installing Minecraft Mods?

If you have always dreamed to build your own world and enjoy your own fantasies in this dream world, you must have tried to do that with the popular Minecraft sandbox video game. If you know a little about the gameplay already, it allows you to build within your dream world using different blocks.

You can also go on different adventures in the game while doing all the exploration, crafting, resource gathering and combat. But have you heard about the Mods available for the game that you can access through blocklauncher for Minecraft?

What Are Minecraft Mods?

Just like any other mods, the blocklauncher for Minecraft offers mod versions of the game that are actually the addons offering new gameplay mechanics, assets and other items.

They are all aimed at making your experience with the game worthwhile and allow you to enjoy playing minecraft at its best. There are thousands of different mods available for the game and each of these mods have a different set of functionalities to offer.

You can make a choice according to the type of experience you want to have and then start enjoying the game that becomes even better.

How To Install Mods With Blocklauncher For Minecraft?

If you want to use blocklauncher for Minecraft for installing the latest mods and having a rejuvenated experience, here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Download blocklauncher app to begin with. Download from above button.
  2. Browse to mods section in MCPE DL where you need to find your desired mod. For instance, if you want Achievements Mod, find it and click on download.
  3. Now launch MCPE and open Blocklauncher menu before selecting ‘Manage ModPE Scripts’.
  4. Choose ‘Import’.
  5. Choose ‘Local Storage’.
  6. Choose ‘Download’ folder.
  7. Choose Achievements v1.1.js to install it

That’s it, your chosen mod has successfully installed. You can now start enjoying it on your device!

Why Do You Need An MCPE Launcher?

If you have shown your love for the popular Minecraft game all these years and have created your new imaginative worlds, it’s time that you take your Minecraft experience to a whole new level. Get a popular mcpe launcher today and see what kind of wonders it can do for you. Haven’t heard of such a launcher yet?

Well, there are quite a few out there and they have a single purpose to serve i.e. to enhance your experience with the Minecraft sandbox video game.

MCPE Master For Minecraft Features

Some of the salient features of this Minecraft launcher app are listed below. It allows you to:

  • Set various game settings prior to entering the game
  • Switch between survival/creative, day/night modes
  • Import skins, maps, addons, mods, and textures
  • Change Weather
  • Fly, sprint, invincible, teleportation
  • Set experience and enchantment levels
  • Spawn mobs and items

Well, if you have an idea of game mods and what they are all about, you won’t have much trouble in understanding the concept of MCPE launcher.

Yes, mods are the modified versions of the game or patches that have been individually developed as an addon feature that brings some additional functionality to the game.

There are thousands of unique MCPE mods available today and if you want to enjoy playing them and adding new functionality to your minecraft experience then you need a launcher app to access them. The launcher will launch the game in a different mode where you can be able to access the modded versions of the app.

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