Clash of Lights APK Download 2020 | Latest CoC Servers (S1, S2, S3, S4)

Clash of Lights APK: You must already be looking for something like Clash of Lights. Obviously, despite all its goodness, the best part of playing the Clash of Lights is that you have unlimited resources. Clash of Lights Apk comes up with the latest features and it gives you enough resources that you can raise an army and go to battle in a very short time.

To make different purchases within the game and due to the limited supply of resources, it takes more than ever to unlock different achievements, train your troops, and build new establishments among other things. Another major reason to use COL instead of any other mod apk available for COC is that there are different servers available for an uninterrupted gaming experience. COL is, in fact, more stable compared to any other private servers available for the Clash of Clans.

Clash of lights apk download

The Clash of lights is a private server mod of Clash of Clans that offers an unlimited supply of gems, elixir, and gold to make your COC experience more welcoming. This mod version actually modifies certain aspects of the gameplay in the original video game that became popular worldwide in the first place. Even though the mod works very much similar to the original game but it still not a clash of clans.

In addition, there are quite a few other wonderful features that are unique to each of these private servers. You can get access to all these private servers through Clash of Lights apk. But before discussing how to download COL apk and install it on your Android device. Let’s discuss what each of these servers is all about and what they have to offer.

Features of Clash of Lights APK

When we compare features with other coc servers then clash of lights stands out with latest features. It is the best server avaialable to play coc like never before and to have the resources which you cannot get in normal apk.

You Will Get
  • Create your own alliances
  • 100% Uptime
  • Completely Secure
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Build your village, train your troops & go to battle
  • Gold 1,000,000,000
  • Gems 1,000,000,000
  • Elixir 1,000,000,000
  • Strong & Stable Internet Connection
  • Install the App Manually
  • Check the Unknown Sources of your device
  • WiFi is Recommended
  • It may Download Additional files
  • It may restart a few times during the game
  • It may begin Loading several times

Download Lights APK Latest Version

Download clash of lights apk

APKDownload clash of lights
Version13.0 (87)
Size136 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.0+
UpdatesFrequent Updates

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Download & Compare Lights Servers

Clash of Lights S1

The lights S1 server allows you to build your own perfect combat strategy by allowing you to build your defense very quickly. There are no limitations on resources whatsoever and you can use as much gold, elixir, and gems as you might like.

  • Absolutely no limitations on resources
  • Zero cost to buy gold, elixir, and gems
  • Unlock enemy traps
  • Unlock dragon, archer, barbarian and witch towers
  • Huge army creation with above 600 slots available
  • Make friends and enjoy playing COL with them within a clan

Clash of Lights S2

The lights S2 is another amazing server which can be used to enjoy the popular COC experience with an entirely new touch. Yes, the basics remain the same as you get unlimited resources including gems, elixir, gold and dark elixir when you upgrade to lights server S2.

  • Perfect private server for Android
  • Ability to create unique dresses for an army
  • The unbeatable speed with maximum efficiency
  • Unlimited resources with zero build time for all establishments
  • Ability to create your own custom buildings and heroes
  • Ability to buy your desired heroes as well as maximum troops from store

Clash of Lights S3

Another dedicated server for playing coc mod apk version of COC, the lights S3 gives you access to unlimited goods within the game and makes for a perfect gaming experience. It doesn’t require you to root your smartphone at all for it to work perfectly.

  • Ability to create new characters with no limitations whatsoever
  • The perfect speed with no lag time and no server crashes
  • 99% uptime 24 hours and 7 days a week for optimal performance
  • Ability to set up island tower, beast tower, and legendary tower for further solidifying your defenses
  • Works on both Android and iOS devices without fail

Clash of Lights S4

Just like the lights s1, s2 and s3, the lights server s4 is another private server for the original clash of clans game. It comes with many of the similar features that other three private servers for its mod version have to offer.

  • Unlimited supply of Gems, Elixir, Gold and Dark Elixir
  • Ability to join different clans and make alliances
  • Unlimited troops and building upgrades
  • Maximum uptime with zero interruption
  • Access to your village 24/7

Download & Install Clash of Lights Apk

To enjoy playing your favorite game with no limitations whatsoever, you can download and install any of the clash of lights private server mods to your Android device. Just download the right apk file for the desired mod from here and download it to your Android phone.

Just make sure that you have a stable internet connection and enough space is available on your device before you initiate to download clash of lights private server apk.

  • Download Apk: First, Download the latest version of Clash of Lights Apk
  • Enable Unknown Sources: Browse to your device’s security settings and allow installations from unknown sources
  • Install Clash of Lights: Run the Apk you had downloaded earlier and let the setup complete. If you still get a popup asking you to allow unknown sources, repeat the step above. The setup will continue and the installation will complete automatically.
  • Run the App: Just open the app after installation and it will ask for further downloading of some files.
  • Additional Downloads: After downloading additional files it may restart a few times to complete server requirements.

Well, Col turns out to be the most famous and trending Mod apk available for Clash of Clans. The primary instinct to download Clash of Lights is definitely because it provides you an unlimited supply of resources within the game and besides that.

Be Patient: Please don’t lose patience and it may restart a few times during the game but it doesn’t affect game progress. Now Download the latest version and enjoy the game. That’s all about it, enjoy your unlimited supply of resources and play Lights servers to have a perfect COC experience.

Note: that this article is for education purposes any kind of misuse of any private server is not responsible. These servers are developed by the third party.

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